Ooh! Stencils Unicorn Flips Face Paint and Airbrush Stencil

Ooh! Stencils Unicorn Flips Face Paint and Airbrush Stencil


great for stenciling on backgrounds or featured in face painting or body art.

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WHY YOU’LL LOVE USING OOH STENCILS TO YOUR FACE PAINTING DESIGNS! – Perfect for when you need to whip up a unicorn in less than 1 minute!

Ooh! Stencils amazing Flips line of stencils are designed to be symmetrical so you can just turn and rotate the stencils to go right around the face. You don’t need to use a second stencil to mirror your background texture on the opposite side. The centrepiece Unicorn in the middle can also be used in your face painting or body painting designs.

They look amazing on face paint designs or as background texture for airbrush tattoos. They work fantastic with an airbrush, but also work well with a sponge.

They also continue the texture to the outer edge to give you even more options!

Dimensions are approximately 4″ x 4.5″

All stencils are laser cut from 7 mil mylar. They are durable, easy to clean and solvent proof.

How to Apply Ooh! Face Painting Stencil

  1. Spray water onto your half or full circle sponge until it is wet.
  2. Rub your wet sponge onto your face paint to pick up the colour. The face paints consistency on the sponge should be sticky and not so wet.
  3. firmly position and place the face painting stencil onto the skin and press firmly
  4. Daub the colour from the sponge through the stencil onto the skin until it transfers
  5. lift the stencil off the skin and admire your creation 🙂
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Dimensions 5 × 2 × 5 cm


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