Neon Global Colours Palette & No. 4 Round Brush

Neon Global Colours Palette & No. 4 Round Brush


This Face Paints Palette and No. 4 round brush is a perfect addition to any face painting kit. 100% Non-Toxic Hypoallergenic face paints

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Global Colours palettes are a great addition to your face painting kit for any professional face painter. This is a compact palette which also allows you to take your paints wherever you go as these palettes easily fit into your hand bag. All you would need is a bottle of water, cup, sponges and brushes. The close cover keeps your face paints fresh and protected. These vibrant face paints colours on this face painting palette will encourage you to get your face painting brushes, face paints and bring on a face paint jam!

Colours Contains 10g of each colour: Neon Green, Neon Blue, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Neon White & Neon Yellow

Best Quality and Safe Face Paints

These face paints are of top quality and safe to use on skin. Global Colours face paints are water based cosmetic grade and used by professional face painters across Australia and worldwide.

Hypoallergenic Face Paints

These face paints are specifically designed to be suitable to apply onto delicate types of skin as they are gentle and fragrance free.

Easy to wash off

There is no need to scrub these face paints off the skin, all you need is either a fragrance free baby wipe or soapy water which will remove it all easily.

How to Apply

These face paints are industry standard and are all activated by using water. Simply dip your face painting brush into clean water, get rid of any excess water by swiping the brush over the edge of your cup or brush bath once and now you are ready to swipe your wet brush over the split cake steadily from left to right until you have picked up enough paint onto your brush.

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