Face Painting Sponges Half Circle 12 Pack

Face Painting Sponges Half Circle 12 Pack


These top quality medium density face & body art sponges will last you years.

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Face Painting Sponges Australia


These medium density half circle sponges are a must for your face painting kit. They are very durable and will last you years if used correctly.

Using sponges for face painting saves you a lot of time in covering large areas at once as well as applying all colours of a rainbow cake  or split cake at once. Using premium quality face painting sponges is paramount in getting top results when daubing onto the skin.

Dimensions: 7cm long, 3.5cm wide and 3cm deep.

How to Apply Face Painting Half Circle Sponges

First you must spray your sponge with water so that it is damp

swipe the flat surface of your sponge across a rainbow cake, solid colour face paint or split cake back and forth until you have picked up enough paint on your sponge

Daub on the sponge onto your skin until it transfers all of the colours of your face paint.

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