3/4 Inch Filbert Brush Face Painting

3/4 Inch Filbert Brush Face Painting


Perfect for filling in large areas and rounded edges.

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3/4 inch filbert brush face painting – Global ColoursĀ 3/4 inch filbert brushes makes face painting a breeze. The density of bristles in these 3/4 inch filbert brushes allows for maximum absorption of face paints. Ideal for covering large areas when face painting or using one strokes, split cakes or fun strokes where you can pick up some colours at once. You are able to pick up some of the colours on your one stroke split cake to apply onto the skin.

TheseĀ 3/4 inch filbert brushes allow you to gain complete control over your face painting designs.

How to Apply

Dip your entire brush into water and remove any excess water by daubing the tip of the brush onto a towel, you now should have just the right amount of water to allow you to pick up your face paint by brushing your brush from side to side and around.

Once you have a creamy consistency of paint on your 3/4 inch filbert brush, you are ready to apply it onto the skin and let your creative juices flow!


  • never let your brushes sit bristles down in the water as it can warp the shape of the bristles.
  • Make sure you wash your brushes from the tip to the bottom of the Farrel at the end of each use to keep it in tip top condition.
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