Face Painting Sponges & Applicators

Face Painting Sponges are one of the face painting supplies that we often use over and over again at face painting gigs. Quality face painting sponges are so important to have in your kit as we can cover large areas with a solid colour. We can also apply all of the colours of a split cake or rainbow cake at once.

Sponges are fantastic for bases on face painting designs such as butterflies, backgrounds, and shaping out designs.

Buy quality face painting sponges for all face painting techniques. We stock half medium density sponges for great coverage and a smooth result as well as petal sponges which make it a breeze to face paint butterfly wings or a base for eye designs.

We also love our finger sponge daubers which make it a breeze to sponge on through face painting stencils. Our ordinary dauber sponges are fantastic for creating round circles using multi coloured split cakes applying all of the colours in the circle at once.

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Showing all 6 results