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Buy high quality face paints used by professional face painters. All face paints offered here are 100% safe to use on the skin. If you are new to face painting check out my free Face Painting Classes

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Face Paints & Body Paints

Solid Colours to One Stroke Split Cakes and Rainbow Cakes face paints

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Brushes & Sponges

Find the right face painting brushes an sponges for face painting


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Face and Body Stencils

Large range of face painting stencils to make it easier on the job.


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Glitter and Bling

Bring out the sparkle in any of your face painting designs by adding glitter and bling.


Lets face paint together! Join my face painting classes on YouTube for beginners and beyond and learn all of the tips and tricks you’ll need to create stunning face painting designs.

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As well as face painting being my absolute passion, I find great pleasure in supplying quality face paints and supplies to my other fellow face and body painters out there.

Buy Face Paints Sydney Australia

If you are in Sydney feel free to get in touch for a pick up option I am in Warriewood on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and am more than happy to meet you upon pick up of your face painting supplies

Buy Professional Face Paints

All of the face paints that I offer are all 100% safe to use on the skin